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Network Monitoring

Your business relies on the continued operation of your Computer network.  IT managers have built this network and have to support the business through that network.  A FreshView network health check from Hinx Limited takes a fresh look at the network, working from first principles without any previous knowledge or history. 

A Fresh Perspective on your Network

A Health check can augment the IT manager's position by providing valuable new data to provide a fresh perspective on the network architecture and operation.  A health check can capture and analyse information that in-house staff may not be able to collect.  Whether the goal is a short-term increase in performance or a long-term architectural plan, every IT manager should consider an external Health Check.

Not sure what you've inherited?

Sometime a customer's network has built over years, and bits have been added by different administrations.  This often results in a "legacy" which may not be documented everywhere, or even in unknown passwords on equipment which "has always just worked".  This is not acceptable when the unexpected happens, you need to know the previous state of every network element in your network.

A Complete Equipment Schedule

Hinx FreshView function ensures that all networking equipment is found (intelligent network scanning and physical inspection) and collation of network configurations from all nodes and traffic, spanning tree and IP routing tables and metrics to "baseline" the network.  Advanced auditing tools specifically developed by Hinx provide insight into areas such as "unauthorised" unmanaged desktop hubs or switches which can cause problems in corporate networks.

Software levels and Serial Numbers

Our audit covers this often arduous activity, using our own in-house custom-designed auditing tools to provide a detailed spreadsheet of all available information from the managed networking equipment.

Topology Diagram

We produce a fresh network topology diagram in Microsoft Visio or Powerpoint.

Tailored Audit documentation

Hinx provide a consultant-written (not automated) audit document, covering all of the above information.

Hinx will discuss various architectural options to improve efficiency or performance of the entire network, and can advise on the use of emerging technologies to produce real gains for business benefit.  Re-architecture doesn't have to mean buying all new equipment, in fact we strive to deploy the most appropriate equipment in the customer's network design to provide the optimal balance of performance, security and flexibility.

Once a network is baselined, it is an easy addition to put in our own 24x7 monitoring system, Eagle Eyes.

More info from our Fresh View brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Key Benefits

bullet Detailed diagrams produced
bullet Equipment list produced
bullet Software & hardware version audit included complete with serial numbers
bullet Layer 3 information collected for "baseline" including routing tables

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